Dear Save The Children

Dear Save The Children,

I have a confession to make.  Until today I hadn’t read the Times Article about the Houlla Massacre and avoided other news about it, not because I didn’t care or because I didn’t think it utterly horrific and devastating but because I was scared, scared  to upset myself more, when for various family related reasons I am pretty fragile at the minute.

Two things changed this- the other day I saw these tweets from @LynneCShreiber

Those tweets stuck in my head but I still was not in a place to read. The today I read this from @SonyaCisco, I saw the #tippingpoint campaign and I realised I was being selfish, whatever is going on in my family, we are all still alive and we all love each other and I felt compelled to add my voice to the thousands of others calling on governments to act now to stop the horrific massacre of innocent children.

Now I have read, I have wept, I have signed, I have tweeted and now I have written. Is there anything more I (we) can do?

Lot’s of Love


P.S Here is the Save the Children’s petition as well as the Amnesty Petition and the avaaz petition  please sign them



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