Dear Identity

Dear Identity,

I seem to have mislaid you of late. I’m always entirely sure what you are supposed to be any more? Human? Woman? Lover? Wife? Mother? Educator? Campaigner? SAHM? WAHM? Lazy lady? Crazy Lady? Feminist? Humanist? Atheist? Crunchy?

Trouble is the more I think about it the more I worrit about putting myself in identity boxes, with other people who are supposed to be the same as me but who probably aren’t.

Actually the only boxes I really like are Tupperware and even then only brand new Tupperware, with lids that still fit and match, with no tumeric stains,  and doesn’t make every food put in it taste of dishwasher tablets…..

In fact maybe you should just stay lost, and I should go look at the Lakeland website for some new Tupperware?




One response to “Dear Identity

  1. Just be you – labels are dirty things 😉

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