Dear Lucky Socks

Dear Lucky Socks,

Bloody hell  I have just discovered you have pulled a hat trick!  My friend who was having IVF is only pregnant with TRIPLETS!!! In fact possibly you were a bit too lucky, as she was only aiming for twins. I am keeping everything crossed for her.

Since I was 18 I have had a pair of lucky socks, I brought them after I split up from emotionally abusive fuckwit. They were yellow and black and had “Walking Disaster” on them- they made me smile. I passed my second driving test wearing them (it is no coincidence I failed the first one not wearing them- LUCKY innit.).  Unfortunately I have just gone for a rummage in my sock drawer, I can’t find them, in fact I haven’t seen them in a while. In fact I haven’t actually seen them since my life started going a little awry in the last three years, again clearly not just a coincidence. They were completely knackered and holey when I last saw them, I wonder where they are?

My lucky socks were amazing, when I was at university doing the laundry, I once came back to my room to find I now had three lucky socks! My lucky socks were breeding that is how incredibly awesome they were. A month or so later I discovered by complete coincidence my extra lucky sock actually belonged to the man I had a complete and utter all consuming crush on. Of all the people in my halls, it had to be him, and he also had a pair of my lucky socks! Obviously THIS WAS FATE! Sadly my crush (which lasted at least the 4 years of university so holds a record in my life as my longest ever crush!) was never reciprocated, but he became a close friend of mine, and in the end being a weirdo stalker type I couldn’t bear to part with my extra lucky sock so I brought him a new pair of the same type so we each had three walking disaster socks.

Since then I have had a bit of a thing about lucky socks.  A friend from work was going through IVF so I made her a pair of lucky socks- I got some plain socks and personalised them with fabric pen, and lo and behold she had a sucessful twin pregnancy. (In fact the unrequited crush also went onto have twins with his partner (now wife) so I’m pondering an ultra fertile multiple pregnancy lucky sock connection and um maybe I don’t want my own Lucky Socks to be found in case we have twins or more for #3!)

Since obviously those lucky socks did the IVF trick when another friend told me she was 5weeks  pregnant with IVF twins I immediately sent her another pair of lucky socks- “Little Miss Lucky”- sadly that pregnancy failed a day or two later but she rang me last week to tell me about the triplets- so clearly it is crucial the lucky socks are in place before the embryos.

So now I am reignited in my love for lucky socks. In fact if anyone reading this needs me to send them a Lucky Pair of Socks for IVF purposes, then email me LadyCurd@Gmail.Com and I will see what I can do. Obviously if I get completely inundated with sock requests then I probably can’t afford to help out but I am happy to pass on a few pairs to see if this lucky sock IVF sucess streak continues.  If nothing else it might make you smile while going through it, and I like making people smile. In fact if it works then maybe we can set up a lucky sock network. One day the world will be ruled by lucky socks.

Lots of Love



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