Dear Garden

Dear Garden,

Time to show off your makeover, before you were so sad:

(The fact I can’t even get the pictures of the garden to sit properly says a lot. Giving up now! Stupid old garden, stupid old garden pictures)

But now you are just PERFECT!




Just wish the weather would hurry up and get better so we can enjoy you properly and potty train Oddler by chucking her outside with no nappy on!

Anyhow I am going to enjoy our developing relationship. I even did some gardening yesterday. Got my hands dirty and everything!



P.S. If you are in SouthWest and want a landscape gardener I seriously rate ours very highly- Olly at Tranquilo Landscapes

P.P.S & if the Japanese Knotweed that is lurking over the back fence all Triffidlike is reading this. SOD OFF YOU WILL NOT DECIMATE MY NEW GARDEN.


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