Dear Grumpy Dead Dad,

Dear Dad,

Today I’m awfully glad you abhorred Fathers day and once we left primary school you never really got a card, home made or otherwise. You really weren’t bothered. In fact you were once cross with me for wasting money on a card and present for you! Makes the first one without you so much easier to bear, just a day like any other in the 138 days since you died.

We also got through your birthday with me accidentally thinking it was the day after! Anyhow wherever you are (secret mission?) this letter says all I need too, so just thought I’d flag it up again for you.

Happy Father’s Day anyway Grumpy Dead Dad.

I miss you a lot and love you very much.




Dad & Me (neither being grumpy)


4 responses to “Dear Grumpy Dead Dad,

  1. My Dad also disliked Fathers Day for most of my life. Until about 5 years ago, prompted by reading my mums cards on mothers day, he decided that ‘he was denying us the opportunity to express our love for him’ so therefore he was now changing his mind and in future wanted in on the whole cards and presents deal. Bless him. Xx

  2. Hi LadyCurd

    I’m not sure if I’m allowed to reply to a blog. I read all of your posts & I always think of replies but this one moved me so much that I have had to reply. I’m sorry about your loss. The picture is brilliant & I’m so moved by seeing the non grumpy version of you both! That’s all I wanted to say really. Nothing of any use, help or information…just that! X

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