Dear Ginger Haters

Dear Ginger Haters,

Bugger off from finding my blog with your stupid search terms. You are looking in the wrong place. I am a Ginger Lover and proud (Literally as LordCurd is the most handsome Ginger Man ever- he looks like a Ginger James McAvoy shall ignore the people who disagree, I love him a heck of a lot and if I was a Mills &Booner I would describe myself as his Lover (more interesting than Wife innit)).

I am also a Ginger Gene Carrier and very proud of my ability to produce Beautiful Ginger and Strawberry Blonde Babies so far…. So please don’t happen upon my blog by searching “I hate ginger babies”, because all that will invoke is my bile and vitriol towards you along with some telepathic painful incurable infectious itchy curdy discharge thoughts.

Effectively Gingerism is an “acceptable” form of racism- and it is just not on. Makes me furious, and if anyone dares be mean to my beautiful Ginger Baby– beware the Wrath of the Curd descending on your backside with incredible force.

Shall rant off with Tim Minchin singing about Prejudice.

Love LadyGingerLovingCurd

P.S Anyone else notice that apple autocorrect will capitalise White, Black and Ginger but no other colour. Interesting.


6 responses to “Dear Ginger Haters

  1. My husband is ginger. He looks quite a lot like Steven Gerrard (look carefully, there’s a definite, definite red tinge to his barnet)

    Unfortunately I am not a ginger gene carrier so neither of our children will have lovely red hair unless it comes out of a box 😦

    • Had to google who that was. Oooh your husband is a bit of a dish! Argh for no ginger kids continuing the legacy. Think you need some gene splicing or summat for next one 😉

  2. If I ever have babies, I only want Ginger ones. Am stocking up on henna now, just to be on the safe side.

  3. My baby is mysteriously ginger/strawberry blonde, despite neither me nor my husband being ginger. His hair is beautiful and I get complements on it all the time. I hope it never changes and I wish my hair was the same colour, he is golden and amazing. I can’t believe the lengths horrible people will go to to be horrible. Lovely ginger babies rule!

  4. PS. Hope my story gives hope to all the people out there who believe they can’t have a ginger baby – it happened for me and it can happen for you too!

  5. I am ginger and proud! I love my red hair and yes, unbelievably, I still get negative comments made about it now and again. It does irritate me that people think its ok to judge me on my hair colour. ITS JUST GENETICS PEOPLE – get over it. x

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