Dear Laughing Dad in my Dream

Dear Laughing Dad in my Dream,

This morning while dozing I had a very vivid dream of me, you, mum and bro, all sat around the kitchen table laughing hysterically.  We were laughing so hard, tears were pouring down our faces, something had really tickled us.  I remember thinking part of what was so funny was that you were actually alive, you had tricked us, you weren’t dead after all,  that’s not a very nice trick to play, but then you could have quite a cruel sense of humour like that.  Anyhow it was lovely to see you again, and share such a happy joyous moment. When I woke, I was so sad that it wasn’t actually true and you weren’t playing a trick on us, you actually are gone.

But I like that you are still about in my dreams,  like GhostDad, like today’s  Laughing Dad. It’s good to see you, I miss you such a lot. You maybe gone but you are never forgotten.

Lots of love


Me and My Dad, dreaming away.


3 responses to “Dear Laughing Dad in my Dream

  1. You capture the pain and beauty of such moments. It must be SO hard x x

    • Thankyou. Day to day I forget as life with two tiny children is busy and hectic, but now and again in a space, in some silence, then I get my chance to grieve.
      I cried most of the way home from Cardiff yesterday. Driving alone is an excellent grieving space. x

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