Dear Gut

Dear Gut,
Just a quick thank you for making things make sense. I have been offered a job, but it was one I wasn’t 100% sure about and you were saying “noooo”. Then they changed the offer to make it much more attractive but still you were saying “hmmmm really not sure, probably nooo” and then following extensive conversations with my nearest and dearest and my bosses for other projects, I hit upon a genius solution. Instantly you were soothed and if they accept my genius idea then I am off back to proper work not freelance work anymore. I’m pretty excited about my solution and hope it is accepted, it probably will be as, without meaning to sounding like the big headed fool I really am, they are desperate for me to work for them. Me and my gut are arrogantlyace after all.
So dear gut please keep on helping me make the right decisions. I reckon you are pretty good at it.
Lots of love


4 responses to “Dear Gut

  1. If it helps I tried to take off my toddlers poo nappy today, whilst she was standing up. I managed to fumble the back of the nappy and it fell, with the poo rolling down her legs and onto the bath mat. I bloody hate poo.

  2. I reckon our guts have a brain of their own.

    • Did you ever have the Usbourne guide to our bodies? I always thought there were little people in our heads and our tums. They were the “brains”

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