Dear Gotye

Dear Gotye,

Tonight I am completely and utterly infatuated with this song:

I am totally getting a massive teen girl crush on you which doesn’t befit my 30year old happily married mum with two kids status. Oh dear.

*smooches your poster before I go to sleep anyway*

Lots of love



3 responses to “Dear Gotye

  1. lol, i went through exactly this in february. two or three days of RAGING crush and repeated listening to of song. bought tickets to see him at (lovely, small venue apps 3 mins walk from our flat) Oran Mor. Then the single was released and suddenly he got UBER famous and the gig was moved to the ABC (which is enormous and we had to cycle there and everyone looked at us funny as we arrived in our yellow jackets) but it was still good. the rest of the album is good too although there are three or four song styles going on and none really like STIUTK.

  2. I still prefer this version… Even bigger crush on John Allred…

  3. Hehe, I love this song.

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