Dear Ladies with Labia- love your lips.

Dear Ladies with Labia,

Been thinking alot about this lately since I stumbled across this letter to the GMC from Lippy Girl.  Previously I have just shrugged my shoulders a bit about labiaplasty after all- who am I to judge?- I had an outsized pair on my body reduced too (breasts) and I am loathe to be hypocritical.  However the amount of women having breast reductions in last 2009-2011 has increased by 6% whereas Labiaplasty increased by 70% in just 2008-2009. (these were the only figures I could get hold of in my limited googling time- shout if you have more up to date ones).

So what has happened to make women, in dramatically increasing numbers,  so ashamed of their labia they are driven to have them cut down to size? Most people suspect “porn perfect”  and the “pornification of our culture” is to blame, and sadly I suspect they are correct.   What I don’t understand is that as an adult no-one should see your genitals unless it is someone you trust, and if any of them were to make fun of your most intimate parts then what the hell are you doing with them!? That is a bit different to me with my massive norks there was no hiding my huge breasts- despite my best efforts with dark v-necks, bra’s with supreme engineering and hunched shoulders.  I do appreciate the  media do like to go on about “camel toe” but that is a problem more easily solved (and much cheaper) by adapting a wardrobe not adapting your genitals.

I recently heard Labiaplasty be referred to as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) – and in fact it could be considered Type 2 “Excision: partial or total removal of the clitoris and the labia minora, with or without excision of the labia majora.”, and given that FGM has been illegal in the UK since 1985 then I find it fascinating that such a surgery is legal and on the increase.  I appreciate there are  differences in that FGM is carried out on (usually non-consenting/lack of informed consent) girls under 15 as a harmful traditional practice often using unsterilised knives and no anaesthetic, whereas Labiaplasty will involve consent, sterile equipment and anaesthesia (and is unlikely to involve removal of the clitoris), however the chilling comparison is that it is removing part of your genitals for your culture. How can you actively choose to do something to yourself that currently 24000 girls are at risk of in the UK (&140million girls worldwide are living with the consequences of FGM) !?

I know I may sound a hypocrite having had part of my “secondary sexual characteristics” removed but it wasn’t for a porny sexual attractiveness reason, I actually wanted to reduce their “sexual signposting”- I had big breasts therefore “I was easy”, “I was a slut”, “I was up for it”. I hated that so often I was reduced to being a pair of talking breasts. A result of the surgery was that my confidence did increase massively and I probably felt (and hence became) more “sexy” as a result. however a side effect of the surgery  was that the sexual responsiveness of my breasts has been reduced on one side with permanent nerve damage.  I am okay with that as I was incredibly lucky I still have one fully functioning nipple and I can breastfeed from both sides- with the added bonus of the numb side not hurting as much if I get a breastfeeding nipple crack!

Ladies with larger labia- we should all be massively jealous of you- you have more highly sensitive tissue and therefore most probably will be having a much more exciting pleasurable time of it 😉 to remove that tissue WILL most likely reduce its sexual function, so to do it for sex reasons (as lets face it you are only doing it for your partner or for your own confidence naked) you are sexually crippling yourself for a “sexy porn perfect” appearance.   I find this so sad.

So ladies with labia of whatever size, love them- get a mirror, check them out. They are beautiful. Go see the Great Wall of Vagina (technically Vulva but obviously not as snappy ;), if your partner doesn’t like your labia- get a new partner (because he/she is a pathetic shallow image obsessed fuckwit and you can do so much better).  If after doing the and some counselling and a lot of thought about the procedure and the consequences of it, you still want to proceed then I cannot judge as I understand the mental and physical distress outsize body parts can cause, but do it for you and not for a partner and most definitely not for society/porn expectations of the “perfect cunt”.

Whatever the size and shape of your cunt, it’s yours and it’s beautiful.

Lots of Labia Loving Love




3 responses to “Dear Ladies with Labia- love your lips.

  1. inagainoutagain

    “Camel Toe”? What on earth? I had to think for a bit before I got that one. I have never heard of that term. Is this just a UK thing? Because I’m pretty sure here in France the media don’t go on about women with large labia. Maybe this is because here in France there is a lot less shite media – tabloids don’t even exist, although there are a couple of magazines who focus on who’s dating who and who just gained 2 kilos. But in general the French media aren’t so obsessed with making women feel like crap. Or maybe I’m just totally out of the loop. I shall look into the issue. Keep up the good work, you.

  2. I think some of them have problems with trousers and bike riding. But that doesn’t account for the numbers of women having it done.
    It’s a weird trend, indeed.

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