Dear Freddie the Baby Seagull

Dear Freddie the Baby Seagull,

I don’t know if I told you this but I am known in these parts as #madseagulllady and generally I am NOT a fan of your kind. However meeting you has changed me.

The other night you gave us quite a fright suddenly bouncing down from the sky, hitting the wall, LordCurd and the floor.  There was a lot of blood

Freddie’s blood on the wall

and you had clearly broken one or both wings and sustained a head injury.  We didn’t think you were going to make it, we thought we needed to kill you but neither I or LordCurd could summon the strength to humanely put you out of your misery.  I was in tears about you and I went onto Twitter to talk about you, twitter had um lots of helpful suggestions and I storified them here.

In the meantime you had righted yourself and were sat on the ground with your wings tucked in so it didn’t look as dire, however your eyes were badly damaged.   I didn’t know what to do so I tried to call a few vets and a local wildlife rescue place but it being 9pm at night there was nothing doing. A few people on twitter suggested the RSPCA, so I gave them a call and they were very helpful. They couldnt come round that night but they said they would be round in the morning.

The told me to put a wash basket over you

Freddie being contained so the RSPCA can come and get him,  Freddie staying the night. A sheet to hide him from predators and a weight to stop them getting at him. I also put the patio furniture around him so there could be no dislodgin

to protect from from predators, covered by a sheet and weighed down so they couldn’t see you or get at you, and to give you some water and some crumbs (but not to risk getting pecked- the water was the most important- crumbs optional).  I did all this and in the morning checked on you and you were still alive!

The bloke from the RSPCA came by 10am and took you away. He said it wasn’t looking good because your eyes had been damaged but they would check and see.  I didn’t hear back until today when I rang up and sadly you were too badly damaged and the vet had put you to sleep after you had been examined. I am so sorry you had such a short life, you were only a baby, and I am sorry that you spent over 15hours in pain and suffering because I lacked the strength to end your life humanely.   I do hope you know I cared as did twitter and I hope you were comforted by the bread and water and the safe homemade cage.

Sadly via a random coincidence on twitter I learned that a sibling of yours has gone down in a neighbouring garden (weird as I didn’t hear about it from my neighbour and didn’t know the person who rescued him- the scary power of the internet!) but I do hope that sibling of yours might have made it- otherwise I think your poor mum will be very sad.

Anyhow Freddie, rest in peace.  I think in a small way you have changed me for the better. I will try not to be so seagullist in future amd judge each gull on individual merits rather than stereotyping.

That is your legacy.

Freddie the baby seagull- that was your life.

Lots of Love


RIP Freddie the BabySeagull

P.S The RSPCA does amazing work. Me I don’t particularly like animals so much despite having a degree in zoology, but I am so very glad they exist to help with situations like Freddie’s and if you want to donate like I just have you can do so here.


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