Dear Slatterns

Dear Slatterns,

This morning Oddler came into my room muttering something about doing a green wee.  I was unconcerned after all her potty is green, but I asked her if she had done a green wee.  She said “No!” in an offended tone, and then, as if I was daring to deny the truth, said – “Mummy has done a green wee”.

I was confused until I realised….

… actually Mummy had “cleaned” the toilet sticking in one of toilet tabs that get rid of the limescale before she went to bed that also turn the water blue.  Mummy and Daddy had used loo during night and not flushed so as not to wake the kids, and obviously yellow + blue = green.

So today I discovered slatternly cleaning of the loo can have unexpected comedy value and be a wonderful source of mirth at 6am when reluctantly awake thanks to having small kids.

Yawn but hehe.

What other comedy moments have befallen you as a Slattern?




2 responses to “Dear Slatterns

  1. I tried out those toilet duck gel discs (if it smells nice it must be clean) when my youngest was 3. He started calling them toilet cucumbers and it’s stuck with us!

  2. DS(4) actually commented to my mother ” what is that?” When she got her iron out. Not an urban myth….

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