Dear Jasmin re. The world being taken over by ducks if same sex marriage is legalised.


Dear Jasmin,
I felt the need to address your letter and raise a couple of points with you. I see that you are home educated, do you know if your parents are providing a broad evidence based curriculum? I see from your letter you personally don’t believe in evolution, this is your right but have you ever looked at the evidence for evolution?

Your argument hinges on us evolving to be better than those that were before, yet you admit to not believing in evolution, which then destroys the strength of your argument. I suggest that you need to examine argument construction and flow in order to have your points taken seriously. You also clearly have a complete lack of understanding of natural history, ecology, biology and evolution. This is a shame. I added a diagram at the bottom of this letter which explains things nicely.

You basically argue that the Romans practiced homosexuality and we should have evolved past that, the Romans also practiced “heterosexuality” (given that if they solely practised same sex relations the human species would have been wiped out since in order to make a baby you need a sperm and an egg- this is something else your parents may not have shared with you- suggest you start here to find out more) anyhow my point being that heterosexuality existed in Roman times as did groovy things like democracy and toilets -not things we need to evolve beyond. The very notion of evolving “beyond sexuality” is beyond the scope of my reply but one I intend to ponder further anyhow, so thanks for giving me food for thought.

For the record things like homosexuality don’t spread, it is not a disease, it is simply an aspect of someone’s identity like red hair, or gender, or religion, football team supported (some people disagree whether its genetic or adopted as an identity, that bit doesn’t matter so much other than some people are gay some people are straight but all deserve our respect and the ability to marry the person that they love.)

Oh and someone needs to address the principle of equality with you – the notion of being “more equal” well um no- look it up! Of course you may have been studying Animal Farm- it’s a good story- did you also learn about the communist allegory underpinning it?

Also you stated ducks nest in pairs, did you know ducks practice gang rape or even homosexual necrophilia, I mean I appreciate this muddies your argument somewhat- I think you were trying to say Ducks are more civilised than humans, but lets face it, some ducks are complete bastards and unfortunately so are some humans.

Anyhow I could go on explaining on just how many levels your argument is wrong and flawed but I’m tired and I don’t want to be mean, I’m actually really hoping your letter is a joke written by someone very witty taking the piss, but just incase it isn’t (and it looks like it isn’t) and you are real I hope you will open your eyes and ears to the wider world beyond your parents doctrine. Your strike me as a bright individual who could go far but is being limited by not being given access to a quality education. I’m in favour of home education when it works but in your case I fear it is badly badly failing you, and that’s not right.

I wish you every success in your future.





7 responses to “Dear Jasmin re. The world being taken over by ducks if same sex marriage is legalised.

  1. I’m so glad you said you thought the letter was a joke toward the end there, because that’s what I thought. A good troll in my opinion.

  2. Reblogged this on mmromance and commented:
    Too hilarious not to be real …

  3. I’ve met people that make me believe it could be real, but I’d like to hope it isn’t.

  4. Your lesson began with pre-existing life without explanation for it. Now evolution either presupposes pre-existing matter out of which life somehow emerged or spontaneously generated matter out of which life somehow emerged. Only these two models exist as explanations for the origin of life.

    The taproot of the former conception stretches back to ancient Sumeria and Babylonia and finds expression in the evolutionary cosmogony Enuma Elish. In this view pre-existing primordial matter is variously known as watery chaos, the void, Nu, and prakriti matter with Eastern pantheism.

    Spontaneous generation of matter from nothing (abiogenesis) is the model held by most but by no means all scientific naturalists. Crick and others have abandoned abiogenesis in favor of panspermia even though they realize that the problem of the origin of life is not resolved but merely been moved far out into space.

    Now the conundrum faced by all evolutionary naturalists, whether materialist or pantheist is that they cannot account for life, consciousness, thought, reason, or any of the mind’s abilities for that matter. If the evolutionary cosmology is in fact true, then evolutionary naturalists are walking dead bodies that nevertheless speak.

  5. Interesting .. but surely the whole point of gender existence is procreation and that alone nullifies the application of argument for same sex coupling? Ducks may very well choose to fornicate with eachother regardless of gender (or life presence), as do dogs, monkeys, other animals and indeed, some humans – but the act cannot be defined as being correct and natural for the very reason of the act.

    Mixing emotion into the reason is not appropriate for the anticipated outcome… Of course, the anticipated outcome, individually, may only be pleasure or an expression of emotion but the physical and biological reasons for the act of having sex is to procreate.. at least on an existence level.

    How does that, if we are so superior to ducks, translate?

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