Dear Men who bring up MGM whenever FGM is mentioned.

Dear Men who bring up MGM whenever FGM is mentioned.

Public service announcement. If you are male and comment on a post about FGM (female genital mutilation) with a “but what about male circumcision- MGM?- that needs to be addressed too”.

Stop, think and SHUT THE FUCK UP. I disagree with all forms of genital mutilation in children (the non-consensual aspect is unacceptable) but the constant but what about teh menz” to this issue pisses me right off. Stop fucking sidelining and derailing. Male circumcision (removing a foreskin) is not in any way comparable to removing a clitoris and sewing up a woman’s vulva (the most serious form of FGM), the outcomes and after effects are completely different.

The constant derailing of the discussion into a mans issue is offensive, derailing and hinders the work to eradicate FGM. It makes you a misogynistic prick if you do it. You don’t care about women’s bodies being mutilated and their sexual function being obliterated you only care about the collective male penis and a slight reduction in sensitivity on removal of the foreskin, where sexual function is unlikely to be affected and in fact you may end up with a reduced risk of HIV.   Just not comparable, so don’t fucking try.


Don’t compare, don’t conflate, don’t derail and stop trying to make it all about you and your sodding penis- male fucking dominance is how fucking abhorrent practices like this exist in the first place.

Fucking patriachy.

Here endeth me going feisty feminist on a wedsnesday afternoon.

Yours angrily


One response to “Dear Men who bring up MGM whenever FGM is mentioned.

  1. I share your disdain for whiny idiots who try to compare FGM to male circumcision. Having seen some pictures of FGM I’m convinced it’s more like castration. Even worse. Those MGM whiners should grow a pair. And I say this as a man who has been circumcised and “castrated”.

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