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Dear Boy on the Pavement

Dear Boy on the Pavement,

I think of you sometimes dear boy on the pavement. I was 15ish getting a coach somewhere, we had just left a scheduled stop at a coach station, I don’t remember which one. There you were on the pavement. Our eyes met and I felt a connection, my heart beat a little faster, my breathing quickened. We couldn’t stop staring at each other, you and I. Your friends were teasing you but you were ignoring them, you only had eyes for me.

The coach was moving very slowly in the heavy traffic and you walked alongside it accompanying me on my journey, I wanted to write my number on a piece of paper and throw it to you, but the coach had no windows and I had no paper.

The traffic lights changed, the coach picked up speed, taking me away from you forever. You broke into a bit of a run, you smiled and waved goodbye and as the coach turned a corner you were gone.

Do you remember that moment dear boy on the pavement? I have never forgotten it, and probably never will.

Love LadyGirlOnTheCoachCurd

Dear SpiderPoliceDelBoyOddler

Dear SpiderPoliceDelBoyOddler,

Never let anyone tell you you can’t dress like that/or do that because you are a girl.
Lots of love