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Dear CheeseTits

Dear CheeseTits,

So last night I bit the bullet and asked LordCurd the ultimate question from my musing about breastsize yesterday.

Me: “Would you still love me even when I had massive boobs”

Him (looking at me like I was completely insane): “Yes of course, I don’t care about size so long as they are there, I mean breasts are like cheese, different cheeses, I like cheese”

and with that suitably random overtired reply he wandered off to bed! (snigger),  Now H does love his cheese and crackers (what does it mean!?) and  it really made me giggle. So I asked twitter:

If your breasts were a cheese which cheese would they be and why?

I got the following frankly brilliant answers (Have not include twitter names as didn’t want to embarrass anyone but happy to add your name to your cheesy breasts if you want me too 😉 My stalkers can probably work out which cheese is mine).

Mini Babybel

Halloumi, fairly solid & easily burnt!

Camembert? Soft & mellow with a bit of a kick? Or cheddar, reliably there (& available)

Two great big ball shaped Gouda then! But maybe blue-veined ones!

Like a Brie- young smooth and creamy… *looks down* *snorts with derision*

Stilton- Mature and blue veined

Mine are like Emmental – giant and round til cut down in slices and holey from piercings and nip cracks.

Mine are probably more like mozarella. (My collagen is like melted mozarella!)

Used to be baby bells but now more like dairylea triangles! There’s got to be something funny with laughing cow as well…

and my favourite:

For some reason, I’m thinking of those stringy things you put in kids’ lunchboxes.

So dear CheeseTits that looks like a very tasty variety to me.

Someone pass the crackers.

Lots of Cheestastic Love


P.S Yes I do hate the term tits and virtually never ever used it but somehow when combined with cheese it isn’t so bad.  Cheese cures everything- even arguments about breast size and breast naming.

P.P.S If you are also desperate to liken your breasts to cheese then feel free to add yours to the comments below.  It’ll be like Christmas- a smorgasbord of cheese.

P.P.P.S- Further discussions on twitter- Boob cheese is something entirely different. See here.