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Dear Internet, I’m leaving you

Dear Internet,

After I wrote this letter about how your popularity makes me feel I have decided that I’m leaving you. I loved you once but you changed.

There is no-one else unless you count my addiction to crap TV, it’s just our relationship isn’t what it used to be, and to be quite honest the sex has gotten terribly dull.

It’s probably you and not me, I just need some space and other cliches.

Maybe one day in the future we can be friends. You can have the kids, I’ll keep Curd Hall. Think that’s a fair deal.


Your former lover


P.S Presses publish on this letter before 12pm on today’s date.

Dear Privacy

Dear Privacy,

In the age of the internet there is something almost mythical about you now.

I have some questions:

  • How much information is too much information to share?
  • How much information can come back and bite you on the bum with unforeseen consequences in the future?
  • How much information combined can make a partial/complete/”alternate identity” picture of a person?
  • Do we publicly record for posterity or notoriety or other?
  • How googleable stalkable am I?

I’m not sure I want to know the answers but they are all things I need to muse on with you.

Yours in disguise