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Dear Omble and your Tiny Fistful of Cake

Dear Omble and your Tiny Fistful of Cake,

You were ultra cute and sneaky as you “patted” the cake….


…giving it a gentle stroke…



…with a sneaky twist of the hand you were able to tear off a corner…


…enthralled with the contents of your tiny hands….


… You took your first thrilling toothless bite…


…. And just like your mum you were hooked forever more. You ARE your mothers daughter.

Lot’s of love

Your TerribleMotherFailingMiserablyAtHealthyBabyLedWeaningCurd

Tiny Fistful Of Cake

Dear One of Those Days

Dear One Of Those Days,

Comfort eating is not the answer.


Dear Jamaican Ginger Cake

Dear Jamaican Ginger Cake,

As a breastfeeder, cake is my friend, I am constantly starving hungry in a way that only huge amounts of sugary stodge can fix. In the absence of a wonderful Cake Fairy doing a delivery, then you, my dear darling Jamaican Ginger Cake, are my favourite.  I generally need to eat one whole one of you A DAY!  Such greed I hear you cry- but I will have you know that the Jamaican Ginger Cake& Breastfeeding diet is one of the best there is.  I am now below my pre-pregnancy weight and still losing because my little Mothersucker is eating me alive,

Anyhow let me share how easy it is to devour you in a day, this sequence of pictures were taken last Wednesday prior to the Cake Fairy‘s wonderful and unexpected delivery on Friday.  (I would have posted the sequence of devouring that enormous cake of wonder, but frankly I was too busy stuffing it into my face  and it’s too late now.)


9am - Just get you out of the cupboard as I put the kettle on


Peeling back your scrumptious layers


Cheeky gnaw on you while waiting for the kettle to boil


9.10am first third of cake slice with a cup of tea


Second "slice" hunk at 11.30 as I was just passing the kitchen


1.30pm A slightly more modest slice for pudding


2.43 A cheeky sliver on my way past to the loo


2.45 Another one on way back from the loo


2.45 Ah sod it- seems silly to leave such a tiny piece


2.46 scraping the paper clean with my fingernails frantically getting every last crumb

And that is how a breastfeeder eats a Jamaican Ginger Cake.

I also lied about the timings- lets just say that last picture was actually taken um  before elevenses.

Gingerly yours