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Dear Follower re. Will Smith’s toilet habits

Dear Follower,
You may have noticed this blog has been very quiet of late, far from my four posts a day at its zenith. There are reasons for that, Omble no longer spends hours and hours breastfeeding so I have no excuse to sit and type anymore instead I am being kept very busy having two tiny kids under 3, plus I have gone back to work (as an employee plus do self employed stuff too) plus I am doing my masters dissertation and trying to sort my dads estate and support my mum and bro. In short I don’t have time to maintain my blog in the same way I was before, plus I’m finding now Omble’s sleep is so much better I am more coherent and this means no more bonkers sleep deprived posts!

There is another reason too- I’m going to call it the “Will Smith Effect” – I have no interest in the cult of celebrity and don’t know any details of Will Smith’s life other than I know he uses moist toilet tissue as to do otherwise is “to do his backside a great wrong”. Yes the only thing I know about Will Smith is that he likes to be ultra clean after he has a shit! He told a magazine that and I read it in the magazine (in a docs waiting room the only time I ever read ’em) and it is the only fact that has ever stuck in my head about him. I will never meet him, I will never speak to him in real life yet I know this about his post bowel movement habits and I really don’t want to!

Anyhow this got me thinking about things I have shared on this blog, whilst I am careful to not share anything I wouldn’t probably tell you within 10mins of meeting me in RL (I’m one of those open TMI person like that), lately I have started to ponder how much info is out there about me and how many people who follow this blog who I have never spoken to or interacted in RL know stuff that maybe borders on the too personal boundary- whilst I have never shared my arse rag of choice, there have been times where I may have overshared somethings and with hindsight I am not terribly comfortable about this especially now I’m working as an employee again (whilst self employed and my own boss personal and professional boundaries are much easier to navigate- employed makes me worry – hope my boss never finds my blog!)

Anyhow this isn’t to say my blog is ending because it isn’t but there will probably be a move away from the personal and more onto the commenting on the world stuff which I also really enjoy but the posts take longer to write as I am much more careful with especially re. Abortion, so it’s finding the time to write these. Thankfully @glosswitch‘s blog usually says the sorts of things I am thinking in a much wittier more intelligent way than I ever could so I suggest you just follow hers instead.

I may make an exception on the personal posts and continue to write about bereavement as this blog was partly started to help me deal with my Dad’s death and I would quite like to continue with that aspect in some ways.

Anyhow just an update really and an apology if you are missing your previous daily inbox hijack by moi.

Lots of love

Dear Privacy

Dear Privacy,

In the age of the internet there is something almost mythical about you now.

I have some questions:

  • How much information is too much information to share?
  • How much information can come back and bite you on the bum with unforeseen consequences in the future?
  • How much information combined can make a partial/complete/”alternate identity” picture of a person?
  • Do we publicly record for posterity or notoriety or other?
  • How googleable stalkable am I?

I’m not sure I want to know the answers but they are all things I need to muse on with you.

Yours in disguise