The Curds of Curd Hall

The Curds consist of:

LadyCurd (that would be me- not particularly ladylike and any curd related issues are between me and my doctor- for explanation of my name please see here) You can contact me on

LordCurd – my lovely wonderful incredibly awesome husband who puts up with alot. He looks like a cross between Fry from Futurama and James McAvoy in my head

Oddler Curd– Oddler the Toddler- (now a preschooler at almost 4) a complete mentalist but a charming happy sociable heap of fun. Except when she is a whiny tired tantrumming heap of not fun.

Omble Curd– Omble formerly Womble (who left the womb almost 2 years ago so we had to drop the W). She’s dead cute even if she does look like fungus the bogeyman in some pictures.

(LadyCurd’s little LadyBird)

We live in the South West in Curd Hall which is a tiny terraced house, within a large industrial estate, and we regularly hunt the carkeys, shoot the messenger due to being sleep deprived grumps and fish poo out of the bath. and other activities befitting our status eating cake and blogging.

5 responses to “The Curds of Curd Hall

  1. oooo what rather beautiful children you make! I do like it when small children make my womb skip a beat – I have bigger, stroppy children now who make me want to drink gin 🙂

    • Aww thanks!. 😀 (Am I allowed to want to drink wine even when they are this small? I don’t like gin! Only after they are in bed obviously! In fact I am drafting a letter to wine o’clock at the min!)

      • Janine Rudin

        wine is an essential for every mother, it keeps us sane (ish). Look forward to reading your wine o’clock letter 🙂

      • It’s not quite wine o’clock so the Easter bunny got a letter as it is definitely Chocolate O’clock as an alternative 😉

  2. I’m currently trying to resist chocolate o’clock – trying not to be so unfit and fat due to too much chocolate o’clock!

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