The Letters

Dear Reader,

Each letter is linked too in date of publication order on these pages in batches of 100 I write way too many letters.  I have added emoticons to some of the letters so you can get a sense of what the letter is. Those that don’t have emoticons may just mean I couldn’t find an emoticon to fit or they are a shit letter and not worth reading.

For example:

🙂 Might make you smile

😀 Might make you smile alot

😆 Might make you laugh out loud

😦 Might make you sad

😥 Might make you cry

😕 Might make you ponder

😉 Might make you snigger in a rude way. “Ooh Matron!”

😳 Might make you blush

👿 Might make you cross

💡 Might learn something new

:mrgreen: Might make you vomit and I will laugh

Pick a letter, any letter….


Lots of love


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