Why Letters?

Dear Reader

I like to write letters. I used to have 38 penpals at one point (in the days before emails and whatnot) and I would spend hours writing to them and nicking stamps off my dad.  Sadly I don’t have as many people to write too these days, but I don’t want to stop writing letters so here I am going to write to anyone or anything anywhere that takes my fancy.  I tend to write most often during nightfeeds or while it’s just me and the tiny feeding or sleeping Omble baby as Oddler the Toddler is at nursery and it’s a choice between writing or homes under the hammer!

So far writing journeys have taken me through breastfeedingsleep (or lack therof), parentingequalitymy dad, amongst other things, including a cheeky little Fungus the Bogeyman number in there (which is total lies incase you were worried!). Not sure where else I will go but I suspect the journey maybe a bit random. You can view a full list of the Letters here.

Love LadyCurd

4 responses to “Why Letters?

  1. inagainoutagain

    Dear LadyCurd,
    I am impressed by your prolific letter-writing. I even counted 4 letters in one day just a couple of days ago. I do realise that this implies you are doing a lot of breastfeeding (whilst typing with one finger) and thus have much time to write letters, but still. I am put to shame, quite frankly. I am also a little jealous as I have been looking for a form of writing that might make me get on my blog more often, and having also been a professional pen-pal with a passion for papery-envelopey-stampy missives, I can’t believe I didn’t have your idea before you did. Actually I can. My brain is still semi-mush nowadays, a result of my P.O.T.T.Y Syndrome (Parent-Of-Two-Tiny-Yobs). Well, high five and hoorah and tally-ho to you. I’m rather glad you’re there as it is rare to come across a blog so chortlesome and sharp, which also gives goosebumps on a regular basis.

    • Dear LadyMustard,

      What the four letters in one day implies actually is I should probably spend more time looking after my kids 😉

      But hey yup mostly I type one thumbed from my fruit based devices during night feeds (as I am now), or while Oddler the Toddler is at nursery I have mastered the the of two handed typing whilst breastfeeding using mybreastfriend pillow. And yes there is is a letter to that! Oh dear!

      Really glad you are enjoying it. Soz I beat you to it. But empathising a lot re. P.O.T.T.Y. Sounds like a dreadful affliction.

      Lots of love


  2. inagainoutagain

    Yes, I had that thumb-typing skill down to a fine art when Léonie was a wee one. I wrote a couple of humungous posts from the hospital when she was just 4 weeks old. I even got chronic thumb-ache. Luckily I was at hospital. And I shouldn’t say my kids are yobs. They are not. They are two of the nicest people I know, but my bloke (L’Homme – he’s French, poor love) has been away 95% of the time since early January and I am a tad fed-up with doing ALL the childcare. Today I got nicely bashed in the eye and soaked with leftover cereal milk. But honest guv’nor, they are not yobs. I have been misdiagnosed. I think I’ve just got M.A.S.H. (Mummy-Always-Sodding-Home) on the brain. Figuratively and literally. And by the way, it seems like just yesterday that Léonie was CONSTANTLY feeding all night and every night, with Tommy being a full-on 3 year old and needing to go on hikes and bike-rides which I would do with Léonie strapped onto me … I thought my body would just implode from exhaustion. And then all of a sudden a year has whipped by and it’s SO much easier. I know you know that. And I’m pretty sure it doesn’t help everyone telling you that, but hey sister, we’re there with you. Omble – just try giving your Mummy Curd a 3 hours sleep span. Or even a 4 hour one. What? You have no idea what the hell I’m talking about. Oh yeah, that’s right, you’re a baby. Silly me. Ladycurd, here’s a bit of positive information about getting very little sleep:http://inagainoutagain.wordpress.com/2011/07/31/sleep-less-to-survive/
    And if you click on “sleep (and the lack of it)” in my categories column you’ll find a few posts to make you feel slightly, marginally better.
    Night night.

  3. Thankyou. 😀
    Love Lady Living in Hope Curd

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