Favourite Letters

Dear Reader,

Originally I listed and linked to each letter but as I got nearer to 300 letters this was getting tedious and also privacy concerns meant I wanted to make it a little harder to find some posts and I have deleted/amended others (benefit of hindsight!). Instead I will be linking to my favourite letters below when I get chance.

I have added emoticons to some of the letters so you can get a sense of what the letter is.

For example:

🙂 Might make you smile

😀 Might make you smile alot

😆 Might make you laugh out loud

😦 Might make you sad

😥 Might make you cry

😕 Might make you ponder

😯 Might shock you

😉 Might make you snigger in a rude way. “Ooh Matron!”

😳 Might make you blush

👿 Might make you cross

💡 Might learn something new

:mrgreen: Might make you vomit and I will laugh

Pick a letter, any letter….


Lots of love


4 responses to “Favourite Letters

  1. Thumbs up for the code!

  2. ‘might’ learn something is reminiscent of an animal’s bum…

  3. arf! yes it is. Haha and I am using it more than the “make you think” one because that one is a bit meh! Ah well. My letters are like rabbit droppings (small frequent pellets and a bit crap) so it works as an analogy!

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