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Dear Beano

Dear Birthday Beano,

I am decoupaging my father in laws old trunk into a toy box for the girls covered in your fabulous comic. I bought random selection of 17 on eBay from 1981 1982 and 1983. They arrived in the post today, to my complete surprise there was one from the exact day I was born!!! Given you were only produced once a week on a Thursday, then the odds of me getting a Beano out of the 17 I received from the exact date of my birth were slim (I had no idea I was born on a Thursday or the Beano was issued on a Thursday) and to get this treat on today of all days made a very hard day (first anniversary of my fathers death) a special day. I don’t really believe in ghosts but I’m comforted by pretending it’s a sign from Dad.

Thankyou Birthday Beano. You shall occupy pride of place on my daughters’ new toy box.

Love LadyMinnieTheMinxCurd

20130131-193135.jpg (for security reasons not actual birthday Beano)

Dear Lord Curd

Dear Lord Curd,

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Lord Curd, Happy Birthday to you.

I think I am supposed to take the piss here at you finally reaching the 30milestone (much as you did with me 6months ago) but I shall be kind and say nothing other than I’ve noticed Gingers tend to grow old most gracefully of all (although they do tend to turn into David Brent if we look at your dad.) 😉

Oddler, Omble and I love you so very very much and here’s too many many more birthdays with you (50more minimum thanks).

Lots of Love

20120305-022050.jpg Finally your turn to drink your morning coffee out of this classy little number.