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Dear Cupid

Dear Cupid,

As you know it’s our 4 year wedding anniversary today. We have been together 7.5years and I can honestly say I didn’t think it was possible to love him any more than I did four years ago today, but in the last few years since we got married, had two babies one with early health worries, lost two babies and a fallopian tube mine not his obviously ūüėČ, temporarily misplaced my mind with PTSD etc, found it again, lost my darling dad, I realise how utterly wonderful incredible awesome and amazing my fantastic husband is. ¬† I know I’m gushy and being soppy and annoying but it is true.

I love LordCurd with all my heart (apart from the bits also reserved for our gorgeous daughters obviously), our wedding day was the best day of my life and I hope we have so many more wedding anniversaries to look forward too together.

Anyhow, gushing aside dear Cupid- I have been scanning in old photos in a big clearout and I was looking through childhood photos of me and LordCurd.

I have a funny feeling you had us in mind for each other from the very start.

So thanks for that Cupid. I owe you one.



P.S LadyCurd on Left, LordCurd on right.


Same love of beige suits.


Same Brown beanbag next to a radiator


Same taste in yellow hats


Same penchant for disguise and detectives


Same standing at top of steps one looking like needs a wee the other looking like it’s too late.


Same ability to look odd in a pushchair


Same ability to wear dad out


Similar hand to mouth obsession with mum


Same penchant for dressing up although these days less gender stereotyped.


¬†So that was Lord and LadyCurd ¬†and their little years- here’s hoping for many more big years ahead of us, til they grow old and grey…..

….and live and die¬†happily ever after.

Dear DaddyCurd

Dear DaddyCurd,

When mummy asked me the question “Why do you love your daddy? Why is he the best daddy in the whole world?” I said:

He drinks all the beer” (well unless the Tiger comes to Tea obviously)

I’m not sure I totally understood the question but Baby Omble and I loves you a lot.

Oddler Curd

Baby Me (Oddler) &Daddy


Baby Me (Oddler)

20120617-115145.jpg Baby Omble

Dear Husband’s Hair Gel

Dear Husband’s Hair Gel,

Please stop mimicking my face wash in the shower. This is the third time that my moustache is standing to attention for the rest of the day. I really don’t like that stiff over-coiffed look- I prefer a more natural wafting in the wind look.


Hirsutely yours


Dear Fry from Futurama

Dear Fry from Futurama,

...and I know sometimes I can be a bit....

...and make you...

...but the main thing is we make each other happy...

...so long as you keep making me my milky coffee every morning....

…then I think we might just live happily ever after.