Dear Mama Valentine

Dear Mama Valentine,

Your very wise and lovely daughter told me you brought her up to apply two crucial questions to certain angst ridden situations.

Did you mean to break it?

Did anyone die?

They are very wise words, for if you didn’t mean to break it and have paid a suitable metaphorical price for breaking whatever it was then that is a far better person to be than someone who deliberately sets out to break things. The former being a basically good person (with muddly bits) and the latter probably being a bad person.

Also the reminder that nobody died when a bad thing happened is very grounding, as it’s not the worst thing to have happened, so you instantly start counting your blessings.

So yes dear wise Mama Valentine, I am adopting your two questions to apply to my own life and shall be passing them onto my girls.

So thankyou.


P.S You should be very proud of your daughter, I’d love her to be my social worker, if we needed one, which I don’t think we do so long as I stop talking about locking the kids in the shed


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